Yoga Dharma is a name given by Anat Zahor to her practice combining Iyengar yoga and the Buddha Dharma.

Yoga Dharma teaching focuses on the subtleties of Iyengar yoga through the eyes of Buddhism. It’s a beautiful combination of Yoga & Meditation, with focus on alignment and understanding of body and mind, and inquiry into their patterns and tendencies.

Yoga and Dharma are the two wings of the bird who wishes to fly.

Yoga and Dharma are synonyms, both expressing and offering the seeker a path to health, wellness, happiness, awareness, wisdom, knowledge and liberation.


anat zahor yoga asana

Yoga and Dharma are the two wings of the bird who wishes to fly

Yoga Dharma is more than a technique or a system, Yoga Dharma is both a path and a vehicle.

During my years as a practitioner and teacher of Yoga, as well as of Meditation and Dharma, I understood that these two paths aren't separate, but one.

I teach Iyengar Yoga through the eyes of the Buddha Dharma and the Taoist approach: alignment of body and mind, understanding the connections between mind and matter, enquiry of patterns of breath and their connections to body and mind. I teach mindfulness of body poses and actions, mindfulness of sensations, mindfulness of mind and mind objects. I focus on developing stability in Asanas, both physically and mentally, through precision, right effort, right observation, clear comprehension and concentration. I encourage the growth of intuitive understanding and insight through vigorous practice and creative sequences. I call my approach "Yoga Dharma".

Yoga isn't solely a physical training, Meditation isn't only mental training, and Dharma studies aren't intellectual entertainment, they are both a practice and a way of life, and once they are combined their influence covers every corner of life.

One needs to practice, deep understanding occurs through practice. Practice is both the means and the purpose. Practice itself is important, but the right understanding of the essence is far more important. The mat on which we train our body, the cushion upon which we seat and train our mind are inseparable from our views and thoughts, our actions and speech, our choices and actions, all are interwoven and inseparable.

Yoga is the expression of Dharma, the Yogi realizes the Dharma, they are inseparable. Body and mind are one, clear boundaries between them cannot be shown, as such, we may use them as tools in our journey, a journey that wishes to clear our false visions and see reality just as it is.

Yoga Dharma grants us health and vitality, wellness, awareness, growth and fulfilment, conscious and wise life choices, concentration and serenity, happiness and peace of mind.

Om śānti

ॐ शान्ति

Anat Zahor

סגור לתגובות.