Clear Vision – Vipassana meditation retreat

Vipassana  retreats with Anat Zahor

You can choose to come for 4  up to 10 days.

The retreats are conducted in Yavniel  Newman Vipassana center in israel

Vipassana retreats in Israel with Anat Zahor – Photo by Leora Newman

About Vipassana Meditation Retreats

Vipassana is a Pali word which means: seeing clearly, seeing through, seeing in a special way. Vipassana means introspection, intuitive wisdom, and intuitive knowledge. Vipassana is often translated as insight.

In a Vipassana retreat the practitioner is experiencing continuously and uninterruptedly body and mind while practicing walking, sitting, lying down, eating, bathing and all other daily activities. The practice will raise his awareness, intuitive wisdom, reveal the truths of existence to him and would free him from the tangle of ignorance.

Vipassana is based on the Four Satipatthana, the Four Foundations of Mindfulness. That is to say, Insight is realized by the consistent and progressive application of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness: Mindfulness of the Body, Mindfulness of Feelings, Mindfulness of the Mind, and Mindfulness of the Mind Objects.

This is a profound healing experience that allows a deep understanding of the secrets of life, aiming to liberate from misconceptions and suffering and awakening to true nature.

The retreat takes place under conditions that allow silence and solitude, so that everyone can meet their selves without external interference.
During the retreat personal guidance are given to each participant, individual meetings will be held every day with the teacher.

The retreat is based on the teaching of the great Burmese Vipassana teacher Mahasi Sayadow and the great Thai teacher Ajarn Tong Sirimangalo – The Sixteen Stages of Insight.

The workshop is suitable for everyone, beginners and experienced meditators, and for Hebrew and English speakers.


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